The 5 areas

The shop is hand-curated by me and consists five areas - eat, sleep, play, be and give.
These ranges bring together a cohesive blend of muted, design-led items to complement
and instil good values.


Eating together is a joy.
Where we can, we have include baby and toddler eating utensils so they can join us at the table and share this special time.
Oh, and we love a picnic!
Our ‘Eat’ range includes: Silicone baby tableware, reusable sandwich bags, leak-free steel water bottles, lunch boxes, bamboo cutlery sets, enamelware.


We’ve all learnt how important it is to feel safe, nurtured and comfortable at home. From cushion covers made from cactus silk to blankets made from recycled bottles, you can rest well, knowing our home textiles are both beautiful and gentle on our bigger home.
Our sleep range includes organic cotton sleepsuits for baby, linen cushion covers, artisan-made blankets.


Big advocates of the ‘Slow Toy Movement’, a movement that celebrates the enduring properties of toys that are made to stand the test of time, we know from experience that children learn through play.

Our children love their forest school and we know deep down
that children need nothing more than sticks, fir cones and a space to explore, but great toys can educate and entertain in equal measure so we stock beautiful games and puzzles that will stimulate their brain and senses.
Our ‘Play’ range is split into two, with our back room dedicated to toys and games for older
children. We should never stop playing and here you’ll find a selection of our favourite board games to play together in a house, with a mouse, here or there, or anywhere.
All our toys are made of FSC wood, non toxic, plastic-free and won’t ever need batteries!


Be kind. Be curious. Be yourself. Our House Rules, If you like.

Our ‘Be’ range looks at all the things we do everyday and offers ‘sustainable swaps’.
Bamboo toothbrushes, compostable dish cloths, organic charcoal soaps, organic cotton face masks.


Deep within my heart I hear the everlasting call
Like the circle of the sun, I radiate my love to all
And the more than I give, well I wish to give some more
It’s the way that I live. And it’s what I’m living for.

Our ‘Give’ range includes cards to say: ‘You got this,’ ‘You rock my world’ & ‘You are 3’
We have locally made ceramics, cool embroidery kits, lovely stationery, jewellery and plants.
We can also wrap up your presents so you’re ready to give.